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Humanity by Elma Stuckey

08.20.07 (10:30 pm)   [edit]

Humanity by Elma Stuckey

by Elma Stuckey

If I am blind and need someone
To keep me safe from harm,
It matters not the race to me
Of the one who takes my arm.
If I am saved from drowning
As I grasp and grope,
I will not stop to see the face
Of the one who throws the rope.
Or if out on some battlefield
I’m falling faint and weak,
The one who gently lifts me up
May any language speak.
We sip the water clear and cool,
No matter the hand that gives it.
A life that’s lived worthwhile and fine,
What matters the one who lives it?


posted by: LadyG (reply)
post date: 08.21.07 (12:21 am)

Beautiful post and so vey true.

posted by: akelso (reply)
post date: 08.21.07 (7:33 am)

Yes this post is particularly beautiful - very true indeed, and reflective of that line near death so near, yet invisible. Wow, my eyes see things more clearly, and the complexity of it all is frightening.

- Andrea

posted by: PastorDave (reply)
post date: 08.21.07 (7:16 pm)

I'm reminded of this when I visit the nursing home. Some elderly people, especially from particular pockets of our country, have spent their lives in chosen segregation from the other races. Most aren't mean about it- they just somehow have been taught that separation is meant to be. But, inevitably, the same person ends up in a Nursing Home. At that point of life he is frail, shaking, and the mind sometimes does not work too well. He still has basic needs. The bedpan and diaper needs to be changed. The meal is to be spoonfed. And so often, when I walk into the room, the person caring for the needy has skin black or brown. I listen to prodding that is kind and watch as those darkened hands caress gently in their work. Then, I am reminded of the message of your poem.


posted by: inkspector (reply)
post date: 08.22.07 (2:55 pm)

Reply to: LadyG
Thanks LadyG! Glad you stopped on by after your well deserved vacation.

posted by: inkspector (reply)
post date: 08.22.07 (2:57 pm)

Reply to: akelso
Andrea -- so glad you came by for a visit.
Thank you for sharing your insight. We all have missed you very much. Every day I hope things get a little better for you.

posted by: inkspector (reply)
post date: 08.22.07 (3:00 pm)

Reply to: PastorDave
So true what you wrote.
I remember reading an article once about a woman who was somehow incapicitated and the EMTs and hospital staff were aiding her. She knew what was going on but had no way of communicating any thing at the time. She spoke of the touch of caring hands of people she did not know trying to heal her. I never cut that article out, it was well over 20 years ago, but I remember the message and never thought the way she expressed it. I feel her words and experience were a gift to me.

Thanks for posting.

posted by: (reply)
post date: 09.30.07 (2:17 pm)

your poem was great

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